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Rehearsals and free beginners classes on Wednesdays at:
The Edinburgh Castle,
681 Sydney Road, Brunswick;
On the corner of Albion Street
Free Beginners Class:

All Welcome!
The pub is just a little north of Anstey Railway Station.

Dean W. Denham
aka Dino Divo

Let There Be Uke!
The Melbourne Ukulele Kollective, M.U.K., is an open-armed gaggle of ukers of all ages and persuasions, each equipped with only four strings and the truth! With small egos and big dreams, they're on a crusade to bring the greatest glory to the humblest of instruments and put music back into the hands and hearts of the people.

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Klub MUK is an Open Uke Stage the first Tuesday of each month at 303 (303 High St. Northcote). All ukers welcome to get up and do their thang. Come early if you want to get your name on the list! 8:00-10:00pm, Free.

Check out the gig page for details of our upcoming shows!


The first ukulele group in Australia, the Melbourne Ukulele Kollective is still boldly going where no ukuleles have gone before. The “muk” is open to all who wish to join her, regardless of experience, and they delight in crossing borders, smashing boundaries and raising the humble ukulele to new heights! They perform in Art and Music Festivals, pubs, race courses, parks, theatres, schools and on the streets. In 2004 they proclaimed that the Ukulele Revolution had arrived. They now proclaim its glorious victory!

What the MUK?

M.U.K., the Melbourne Ukulele Kollective, was formed in April 2004 to provide a vehicle for the large number of ukulele players that reside in Melbourne, both amateur and professional, to perform and exchange ukulele related information, tunes, etc. Our aim has always been to be an open group, inclusive of all styles of music, age and experience and to be welcoming to all that wish to participate on any level.

The MUK Big Band, which began in August ’04, is indicative of these ideals, with over forty members ranging from eight years of age to the very senior with broad backgrounds of musical experience. Our songs range from the early years of uke and it’s home in the islands to folk, country, disco and rock.

The debut performance of the Big Ukulele Band was in Sept. ’04 as part of the Darebin Music Feast and in October ’04 performed at the Melbourne Fringe Festival, winning the award for Best Family Event. Since our first performances, many audience members have been drawn to the uke, often with little or no experience in playing a musical instrument, and we have provided them with both instruction in how to play ukulele and basic music theory, as well as the opportunity to perform live with the MUK Big Band.

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