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Klub MUK

Bar 303
303 High Street, Northcote
from 8pm

2nd Tuesday of the Month!

Discover the secrets behind Melbourne’s longest running ukulele performance party! 


Klub MUK is hosted by MC Terry McNiff and the Melbourne Ukulele Kollective (MUK).


Based in the iconic High Street, Bar 303, Klub MUK has been the stage to showcase, polish and develop ukulele artists since 2006. Whatever you thought you knew about the ukulele scene, Klub MUK will turn that on its head with sizzling and soaring performances by professional musicians, emerging talent and enthusiastic audience members alike. Acoustic, electric, edgy, dark, uplifting, fun, engaging, hilarious - Klub MUK presents all this - cheered on by one of the most supportive and inclusive crowds anyone could wish to play for. 


Drop in! All you need to do is sing, tap along or strum and you could find yourself on stage - or just joining in the party with the rest of the audience!  


Bar 303
303 High Street

Open Mic
Give it a go!

Klub MUK
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